15 awesome facts about Keukenhof, Holland

March 12, 2018

Do you know that tulips are the ones which created "world’s first ever stock market crash😏"? At the peak in the year 1637, single tulip bulb was sold for over 10,000 Dutch Guilders (By then, people could buy a beautiful canal house for 1K Dutch guilders., which is valued over 1 Million Euros today!!!).

At one point in time, speculators could no longer do their magic, demand disappeared and the entire market for tulips crashed miserably, leaving thousands of farmers and traders in debt. This event is referred as "Tulip Mania" in the investment/stock market history and the fields in/around Keukenhof and Haarlem in Holland were the places it happened.

Can you believe that the whole 7 million+ tulips in Keukenhof are planted “manually” and removed after every season? Do you know that Keukenhof was once a hunting ground?

Here are 15 such interesting facts about Keukenhof that you had no idea before.
Infographics Courtesy: www.tours-tickets.com 

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