12 Jan 2009: Day started rainy ...

January 16, 2009

Today, it was a really rainy morning and it was hard to get up... A very interesting thing to note in UK is that the sunlight dawns at only 8AM in the morning. (Nobody gets up before that anyway!! Except me of course! ) and stays upto 4:30--5 PM in the evening! It gets dark after that.

I forgot to tell you the time difference between here and India. UK falls in GMT (Western Europe Standard Time), which is 5.30 hours behind India. Means… If its Monday afternoon 2.30 AM in Chennai, it would be 9AM morning in Southampton.

And the climate: It's really Coool!!!. I've never seen it goes above 5 degrees. during evening times, it comes down upto 0 degreeC !!!

After a simple breakfast, we started to our client office, which is just 10 minutes drive from my apartments. We took a cab (there is no other way) and went to the client’s place!! I Met my Client !!! (This is the first time, I meet them in person)

After a few minutes chat, we started our work. (It took nearly half a day for me to understand the work ;-)). My client came at exactly 12, to call us for lunch. I had my first English Lunch (Sorry! I couldn’t remember the name of the dish). It was full of cheese; tasty too!!.

During lunch, we’re discussing so many topics. But not even a single word about our project. A soon as we completed our lunch and returning back to work station, He started asking about the project status and issues;-).They have very good balance between work and Life.

All the people here, are very Professional, caring, and work conscious. I’m really impressed by their way of working and attitude. You can’t see any one of them chatting/surfing net/in Canteen/ playing games/listening songs, during office hours. They don’t want to waste not even a single minute of their working hour. As soon as they’re work is done, they leave the office; they don’t stay at office unnecessarily.

Many of them are 40+ with the experience of my age (--). I’m surprised to see them, still working as a Design Engineer. They don’t mix up technical skills (engineering) with Management. Engineers are concentrating only in engineering! The fate of becoming a Project manager within 5 years of experience is possible only in India ;-)

If I start writing about the work culture here, it would deviate the topic (will go into another series of posts ;-). So I won’t scribe more about office and work, here after.

Will continue with some outdoor stuff in the UK…

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