My UK Trip: Part-1

January 12, 2009

*Disclaimer: The post "My UK trip" is long, potentially boring and most probably not what you want to know. But anway... :-)

10th Jan 2009 : It’s not a normal Saturday. Woke up pretty early and start the preparation for my travel tomorrow. It took almost half a day to bring my bag into shape. Made lunch, ate, read for some time, took bath, watched 'Vasool raja MBBS' (It was so much funnier when I watched it 1 year back) and then hit the bed. It was around 10PM and I closed my eyes, patiently waiting to fall asleep.10:10, 10:15, 10:20.. But…No sleep…. Read for some more time - Still no sleep. Changed the sheets and pillow case. Nothing (Normally this always works for me!; but not this time:-)). I was sleepless till 11.40. Then… slowly felt in sleep.

11th Jan 2009 : Woke up at 3AM and got ready for the flight at 6.45AM. I knew I was about to be part of such an experience as I left to the Chennai airport. The feeling of my first onsite trip was filling my heart with all the excitement it had to offer. This trip has a few specialties..

*It was my first trip beyond Bangalore.
*It was my first trip outside the country
*It was my first trip on a Flight (obviously). ….And so on.

My trip was split into 2 flights. The first one was from Chennai to Delhi. Delhi to London Heathrow is the next; both in Jet Airways.

I was most worried about the process that I had to follow during the flight. Though got some advices and experience stories from my team mates and friends. I reached the Airport around 4.30am and got in with my luggage. By that time, my team mate also reached the airport.

We went straight to the jet airways stall in the departure segment. After instructions from the Jet airways staff, I took my baggage for my screening. My check in baggage was passed through some scanner and the contents inside were checked. Then I went straight to the Jet airways stall where my baggage was weighed and strapped with the flight stickers. I was also given the boarding pass there.

Check in baggage – the baggage that shall be carried with the plane in a cargo section. Most airlines allow you to carry the baggage with upto 23-30 Kgs Hand Luggage – the baggage that can be taken with you in the plane. Most airlines allow you to carry a Hand luggage upto 8kg. You can carry a laptop bag or a handbag in addition to this.

My Project Lead was also there, for our sent-off. We had some chat with Tea (The tea was terrible; but I didn’t expect that I going to get more horrible teas here after). Then I went through the security check. Here I was checked with a metal detector and was let through as the only metals I had were coins and the metal in my belt.

As soon as the security check was complete, my flight boarding also started. After few minutes stay at the waiting hall,I got into the airlines bus after showing my ticket at the entrance. The bus took me to the plane and I boarded the plane through the “portable staircase”!!!

I got seated in seat which was in the window side of a three seater (Thanks to my teammate for blocking ht window seat for me) and I was watching the Chennai MTC buses and suburban train through the window. Soon the plane started, and after some slow run for few minutes it started traveling on a higher speed on the runway. I would be more than 300Km/h. I love the speed and like to drive my bike at the runway :-0

The thrill of take off can not be explained and it is to be experienced. It’s an experience which gives you the excitement of thrusting into sky like a roller coaster. Soon I was in the air and I was presented with the most amazing view, I had ever seen in my life. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape throught the window that I could get. As the plane ascended higher and higher, I was filled with an uncontrolled enthusiasm which was overflowing through my eyes and my involuntary smile.

Will continue...

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  1. This blog of yours reminds me of my first trip in the huge flying flashback video took me back by 18-20 yrs when I was a kid...Now feeling like a kid after reading the blog :)

  2. Thanks so much.

    I'm happy that my words can kindle your memeories ;-0

    I'm trying to capture all the events of my trip. Do read continuously nad give your feedback.