My UK Trip: Part-2

January 13, 2009

Jet Airways Flight 9W 822 was swifting through the clouds of my lovable Chennai. Some of the air hostesses ( Yes! Jet airways was really beautiful;-0) demonstrated a few safety techniques. After that, we were left alone except for the occasional interludes by the flight attendants for snacks and other refreshments. I spent most my time with the local newspaper which carried the “Ramalinga Raju’s arrest– Satyam Scam story” as I tried to take my mind away from my excitement about the travel.

But the two and a half hours drifted away pretty soon and soon I was presented with the gorgeous view of New Delhi at the mid-day!!! Our captain switched on the Seat belt switch for the landing. If take off was an unexplainable happiness and excitement then landing can be termed as a beautiful bunch of moments filled with thrill and anticipation.

As the plane landed I couldn’t help rambling in my mind as to what I should do once I get down. I got into the jet airways bus and was dropped in at the gate.

What do I do now????

I had absolutely no clue!! Fortunately, I had my team mate with me to support;-).But this is the first time, she is also landing in Delhi airport. My eyes were scanning for a Jet airways office!! But NO !!!! I went straight to the Helpdesk by Indira Gandhi Airport, which was straight at the exit. After checking my flight ticket he instructed me to collect my baggage and go to International Airport.

As I stood watching the bill boards I resolved I would visit the city again and spend the time it deserves. Shuttle services are operated between the domestic terminals to the international terminal of the Delhi airport for free as a complementary service as the distance between the two terminals was not walkable.

After a 15 minutes bus travel, I reached the International Airport and tried to blend in with the crowd. I handed over my check-in luggage to Jet airways desk (Due to security concerns, nowadays they ask us to check-out and check-in the luggage again). The Guy at the Jet Airways counter accepted our luggage and gave us the Emigration Form.

After that I was guided to the immigration counter where I submitted the “Emigration form”. That guy asked for my passport and boarding pass.

As I anxiously waited before the official, he stamped a few stuff onto the form and asked.

“which company are you from??”, How long your stay at UK?”

I said ”MindTree Ltd ( Fortunately/Unfortunately he didn’t know about MindTree;-) ), 2 weeks.

“What is the Purpose of your visit? “.

I replied” Board testing”. Unfortunately(this time;-) He didn't know about Circuit Board too. But he didn’t leave me. Then I was made to explain him the complete Board Design Cycle!!!

He punched the emigration Stamp on my passport and boarding pass, Hand luggage and looked at me.

I waited curiously for the next question, he asked “If you guys do all these high tech work here, then why do you go to UK ? Why can’t you develop here in India?”

It took me a while to realize that the question was asked on a lighter tone, just to ease me. I smiled politely and got my documents back. After a while I passed the security check and waited in the waiting room which opened up into the gate to the plane. Yes!!!. All the formalities are over. I’m permitted to fly out of India!!!.

But it was only 11.45 am and my flight was at 12:55!!!! I waited for sometime at the waiting hall; Talked to all my family members through phone. Then just roamed around the Duty free Shops. I couldn’t find anything there except Drinks, Drinks and Drinks. There are a few Perfume shops also there. Then I headed straight to gate 5 which was printed in my gate pass.

Will Continue...

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