My UK Trip: Part-3

January 14, 2009

Around 12:30 – 12:45,the Jet airways started calling in people for the flight. First, the passengers of the business class were called in and then economy class passengers called in based on the seat number( I don’t need to say, My company had booked Economy Class for me ;-0). I went through a passage where my boarding pass was checked in and I walked ahead into the passage leading up to the plane’s door.

As soon as I entered into the plane I realized that its bigger than the domestic flight in which I had come. There were 9 seats in a row split into 3-3-3 seats. But this time, no window seat. My teammate grabbed it for her comfort sleep. Another disappointing aspect of this flight was that there were no airhostesses. Only boys were serving all the needs. (While getting down only I could see some beautiful ladies, who’re serving only at Premier Class ;-(!!)

Soon the plane started and this time I was too tired to feel anything except for the slight realization that I was leaving my country! I was looking at the lands of India through the Window, till it got disappeared.

I decided to shut eye but before that I was given some lunch. (I don’t go to bed with a empty stomach;-)). I munched the food item as I was watching the huge screen displaying the flight path and other relevant flight information.

And the flight had a better on-board entertainment system with a small TV for all seats. I even had a remote with which I can select a variety of options to be displayed on the screen like movies, flight information,games,music etc etc. It was so cool. I Started exploring the Jet Screen(They call their personal Entertainment Display as “JetScreen”).

Out of a big list, I choose the movie “Taare Zameen Par”. I think, I don’t need to say anything about the movie. Taare Zameen Par is the Directorial Debut for Aamir Khan; simply superb. I really felt bad for not watching the movie, till then.
It is one of the must watch movies.

By the time I had passed only a 2 or 3 hours of the journey. Then again started playing with the JetScreen. Started watching a movie called “bachena ae haseno “. It is a romantic Movie,a guy fall in love with 3 different girls at different time of his life. The movie seems quite ok in the first half but as it reaches interval, becomes so emotional and a bit too long.I couldn’t watch that movie more than that. Switched off the Player and went for a Walk (Within Flight only ;-))

I was thrilled to know that my plane was flying over cities like Islamabad, Kabul, Kyrgystan, Kazakhastan, Mosco, Belarus, Poland, Belgium(Germany),Netherlands, Bresseles ,France….etc etc. these were all the cities which I I have read and watch only through News papers and Televisions.

I was very thrilled when the flight crossed Belarus. The Crew information appeared on the big screen as,
*Attitude: 38565ft ( Oh my God !!!)
*Outside temperature: -81 Degree C (Yes! As the height increases, temperature goes low)
*GND Speed: 967Km/hr !!!!!

Still 2 more hours to go….. Started watching another useless movie “ Dhaam Dhoom”. Finished the movie in Half-an-hour and went for some snacks. Then I was roaming around the plane through out it’s length (by watching the beauties traveling with me).

By that time, the flight almost reached the borders of Heathrow airport and rounding for the landing signal. I filled my Landing pass (which should be submitted during the immigration check at London), which was given by the Flight attendees.

After the most memorable hours, the flight landed at London Heathrow Airport.

Will continue…

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