One day getaway – Sangama & Mekedattu

September 07, 2014

We did not go out of Bangalore for quite a long time, was desperately looking for a getaway out of all our routines! . As recommended by a friend, we decided to pack our bags for a single day trip to “Mekedattu”.

We’re nine people, hired a Chevrolet , was good enough for the short trip. Mekedattu is not so long, just  100KMs  one way from Bangalore.

The word Mekedattu means a “goat’s leap” in Kannada. The place is a rocky terrain the river Kaveri flows through narrow gorges that one would believe that a goat can leap across it. But It is not really that narrow and we did not see goats in that area though :P

We planned to start at 7AM, the vehicle arrived on-time, but we’re late as usual :). Not bad, we could make it at around 8.15AM at least. Good that we had a couple in our group who had been there already – to guide us (in fact they’d to guide the driver too, he was also not sure about the route).

We started-off with the “nice” NICE road drive, and headed to Kanakpura Road. There was not much traffic anywhere, since it was a Saturday. The nature all along the road was awesome – super green trees on the sides, blue sky, milky river flow… throughout the drive was so pleasant, it totally upto us to sit in the front and enjoy them or sit back and snore :P

One of our friends had brought nice idly’s with chicken curry. Had a good group breakfast at the outskirts of Kankapura town. In about another 20minutes, we had to take a left from the main road, reached the Sangama in the next 40 minutes.

Sangama is the place where River Akravathy convergences with Cauvery river. Our vehicles can go up to this point only. We parked our car and got into the chill water.

Mekedattu is another 5 KMs from the banks of the Sangama. We took the super shuttle service – an old bus which takes passengers to-fro Mekedattu. That’s the only option available to reach Mekedattu, or else you can walk! . But believe me, the bus itself was an tourist attraction, still alive from the stone age :P . The fare was INR.50 per person for a 2 way trip.

In 10-15 minutes, we’re there at the Mekedattu, could enjoy the deep Cauvery gorges and beautiful rocks all over. Rocks were so softy & slippery, with little kids we couldn’t try any adventures over there, came back to Sangama after a few nice snaps (History is important!!!! :) )

Sangama is the place where we all cherished a lot, kids especially. There was not much water; it was not deep even for my 3 year old daughter.  We had brought Mushroom Biryani with apt junky side dishes for the lunch (what a wonder, my wife’s cooking came out very well for the first time :P). We enjoyed the food still while we’re bathing.
Dragging our kids (they’re not ready to come out of the water even 2 hours of fun), we headed for the chuki falls, which another 1 hour from the Sangama. Will write the Chuki falls experience in a separate post.

At around 7PM, we started our return journey from Chuki falls. We’re in Koramangala at about 9.15PM ;  friends got us some hot madurai parathas for the dinner – what nice way to sign-off a happy trip :), we thoroughly enjoyed it!.

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  1. Nice description and travel experience photos. This place reminds me of Hogenekal with that rocky terrain. Came here while searching for mekedattu.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience... I am very impressed with this blog... Hope for more updates soon.

    If you are planning any holiday trip with family.i will suggest you the places br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort..its a nice place to enjoy with visit..

  3. Thanks Astro Guru. sure will write up..

  4. Nice write-up. I'll ask my husband to plan for the trip this weekend itself.

    Your fullday coverage from morning take-off to end of the trip with parathas :), with nice photos, makes me feel as if I had gone thro the entire trip with your group. A virtual tour !. Should I even visit the place once again :) ?