Symbolica & Aquanura

October 08, 2017

Symbolica: This is the latest addition to the wonders of Efteling. This fantasy dark ride started from 1st of July 2017 and we’re there within the first few weeks. (You can imagine, how much time we’d have stood in the queue😁).

Symbolica is the most expensive Efteling attraction ever. It's built with over 35 million euros and also the biggest, built in the form of a castle. The symbolica ride is designed as a fictional story about King Pardulfus, Princess Pardijn and their naughty governor Pardoes.

The story line is simple : we-all the visitors go to audition with the king Pardulfus. (In 7 minutes of total ride it's difficult to unfold a complex story line, isn’t it?) ; probably they might expand the story as well ride later!). Never the less, these 7-minutes are worth enough (for all the hours of wait at the entrance 😁 ), and there’s definitely a lot to see.

Same as any other dark ride, you’re seated in safe & comfortable moving gondolas, then you’re transported all through the palace on invisible rails. You fly, you float, you roll, you jump - forward, backward and in sideways. You’re sure to scream in joy (as well in shock at a few moments).

Some tips for Symbolica:
  • Waiting Time: at least 40 minutes, we waited about an hour and a half. Be prepared for it!
  • Are you with the children in Symbolica? Yes, kins will love it, but be ware that the children under 1 meter need a supervisor. You'd always pick adequate seater accordingly.
  • Do not put efforts to make any pictures or videos inside. It is NOT prohibited, but I personally feel that there is so much to see/experience and enjoy in live. After all seeing this wonder on screens is not that exciting.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Aquanura is a spectacular musical fountain show, with special effects of more than 200 fountains, 900+ lights, with matching music beats and fire. It’s created with a theme of the “Frog King”, 4 frogs from different directions bring enchanting Efteling fairy tales to life”. The color of #aquanura is beautiful to watch in the dark.

With the interactive Efteling app on your smartphone, visitors around the pond can even be part of this special 12-minute spectacle. During the holidays, there are two performances of Aquanura daily: the tradional Aquanura show and the 2nd Efteling Symphony.

This may be the perfect end to a great day at Efteling. Aquanura reconnects adults with their most cherished childhood memories, it also creates new memories for children that are sure to last a lifetime. Here’s the video:

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