Things to do in Mount Titlis (Engelberg, Switzerland)

December 04, 2017

Mount Titlis is one of finest tourists’ attractions of Switzerland. It is a stunning visual treat for everyone. At 10,000 feet peak (3,238-meter), you’ll feel like being on top of the world, whilst sinking in the beautiful panoramic sights of miraculous Alpine landscapes.

Mt Titlis, or more commonly referred as “Titlis” has snow all through the year and is also the only glacier that is accessible by public transport. If you’re a skier / interested in skiing, you’ll absolutely love this place. Titlis is a home to over 80 kilometers of pistes (ski tracks) with brilliant slopes that can suit every ability.

The village at the bottom of Mount Titlis is called as “Engelberg”, upto which we can reach by car/train. Then we must hop-on two different cable cars. Engelberg is located only about a 30-minute drive away from the lake city “Lucerne” where we stayed. It’s about the same distance from Zurich, Basel and Berne as well.

  • By Car: You can hire car from any city, and set your GPS for the Engelberg parking station. Roads from Lucerne to Engelberg are narrow ; but good enough even for big tourist buses.      
  • By Train: You have direct trains from Lucerne to Engelberg by the "Zentralbahn" railway. Travel time will be approximately 45 minutes from Lucerne.
  • Address: Gerschnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg.

You’d have heard that Switzerland is expensive. I say it again, IT REALLY IS!

"So what? how often we’re going to see the Swiss Alps, huh?" You too can use the common justification everyone else makes😉., and get the entrance tickets for 92 Swiss francs (abbreviated as CHF)! The entrance ticket covers both the cable car rides and your ride back to Engelberg.  Here’s the full details and different options for the entrance tickets:

Don’t you have any clue about skiing or hiking (like me😜)? Don’t worry, still there’s a lot of activities for everyone up there, like us as well.

1. CABLE CAR RIDES: Your adventure starts from the two-unique cable car ride experiences. The first 8-seater cable car, named as “TITLIS Xpress” takes you from Engelberg to “Stand middle” station. There are café and restaurants at the Stand middle for you to relax. From there another fancy gondola named “TITLIS ROTAIR” which is a 360-degree rotating panorama view cable car takes you all the way to the top of Titlis.

2. GLACIER CAVE: We might have seen many artificial glacier caves, but this one is truly natural. It has been formed to provide an easy access to the visitors to climb the peak of the mountain, otherwise reaching the peak would have been quite difficult for normal users.

This cave is about 150 metres long and over 20 metres below the surface of the actual glacier. It is complete turquoise-blue inside, due to the light reflecting off the ice and entire interior is around -1.5 degrees Celsius of temperature.

It’s well maintained and with fabulous arts & ice sculptures. Being fully surrounded by ice, it’s very thrilling and exciting; exploring the glacier cave is really a COOL experience.

3. CLIFF WALK – EUROPE’S HIGHEST SUSPENSION BRIDGE: At a peak of 3,041 meters above sea-level and 500 meters off the ground, this Cliff walk is the highest suspension bridge of the whole Europe. With a howling wind and snow, I’d add it also one of the scariest suspension bridge too.

There are strong steel cables and guide rails all along the bridge, you don’t need to worry about safety, but still can make you nervous and scary, especially when there’s a wind snow. The TITLIS Cliff Walk is about one meter broad and just a 100 meters in length. But, the views are impressive an experience of life time!

4. ICE FLYER: This is a grander chairlift that sweeps you all over the snow peaks and the extraordinarily beautiful glaciers. It’s a breathtaking experience that is quite a different from usual cable cars; it is open-air that adds a lot of thrill and excitement.

5. SLEEDING & SNOWTUBING IN GLACIER PARK: There’s lot of snow fun activities awaits you in the glacier park. We, ourselves can pick up some sled and scroll down the hill. It’s really fun, but just take care that you don’t sweep too fast and land on your head😁,

Snow-tubing is an excellent supplement to sledding; On a rubber tyre you can skim all along the snow as you dash down the pistes. For sure, the snow fun will take anyone back to your childhood days.

If you’re visiting the Titlis in summer (May-September), you have a lot of additional options like hiking, trekking, climbing, family camping, and boating (on those melting glaciers😉). During winter, of course it’s full of skiing.

Bonus: Are an Indian / Bollywood fan by any chance? Then I’m not done yet. There are many Indian restaurants/food stalls available at the bottom as well at the top of Titlis. You’ll be surprised at a big-size cut-out of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol from DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). I think this a tribute from Switzerland to Indian cinema, which made their tourism so popular😛.

  • Very important thing: Weather at the peak of Titlis is totally unpredictable; Don’t bang on the weather report you saw a few days ago; it can change every hour – a lot. The best thing you can do is: check live weather report and live webcams (available at ) and plan your uphill trip accordingly.
  • Second important thing: Go early! This place may get too crowded after 11AM, especially in summer months. If you can’t reach early, then be prepared to stand for at-least 2 hours queue in the entrance cable car station. 
  • Another useful tip: During onward (cable car) journey to the peak Titlis, avoid spending time at intermediate stops; just keep going-up - to avoid the crowd uphill. While returning from the Titlis, you can hop-off at stations relaxed, Stations like “Trubsee” offers you opportunities for beautiful photo clicks.
  • A budget tip: If you have a “Swiss Pass” (Public Transport card), you’ll get 50% discount on the Titlis Cable cars trip too. This is a lot on a total of CHF 92.
  • Hope there’s no need to mention about Warm & comfortable dress and Shoes; they’re a mandatory as you’re going to be on sub-zero temperatures for hours. I didn’t, but many people carry sunglasses too! When there’s sun, the reflections on snow can be strident!

OVERALL :Trip to Mount Titls is a must visit while you’re in Switzerland. It’s an ideal attraction if you love snow or with family. This is one Swiss trip you’ll never forget. Experience it yourself.!

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  1. Ooooo this just makes me want to book a ticket IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Nicely summarized. I had a wonderful time visiting this place. This place is heaven on earth. Riding on the cable car all the way to the top was worth it.