Top-5 Destinations for a Sunny Winter Holiday in Europe: Escape the Winter Blues!

December 22, 2017

Can’t say “Winter is coming” anymore; Winter is pretty much already here in Europe and it’s not going to get away anytime soon😏. Snow has started falling more and more, home heating boilers started running full-time; Christmas & New year holidays are approaching soon -  You can’t get a better time and reason for going on a sunny vacation. But where can you go within Europe?

With a little bit of research and surveys from local friends, we’ve come-up with our Top-5 warm destinations in Europe. Let’s show you those most beautiful places where you’ll want to go for escaping the winter blues.

1. The Canary Islands (Spain)
Undoubtedly, The Canary Islands are the warmest place in (western) Europe to spend the winter. Temperatures can be up to 20° C in January, with more than 7 hours of pleasant sunshine during the day.

The Canaries are located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the west of Morocco region which belongs to Spain. The best thing about the Canaries is: you’ve a lot of diverse Islands to choose as per your interest and all of them on an economic budget. The foremost isles (by size) are TenerifeFuerteventuraGran CanariaLanzaroteLa PalmaLa Gomera and El Hierro; each provides an extensive variety of activities to enjoy.

With an extensive variety of choices, picturesque backdrops, and a fascinating history to explore, the Canary Islands can’t disappoint anyone.

2. Madeira (Portugal)
With 365-days sun, this Portuguese island is another favourite winter destination on the Atlantic Ocean. With its mild temperature (not too hot, always around 18° C) and 10+ hours of sunshine a day in January, this is another most loved winter destination for the west European people.

Unlike the Canaries, Madeira’s shoreline is not flat, it’s mostly formed in layers of cliffs - which gives you an awesome and uninterrupted views over the Atlantic. But this also means, there’s no long sandy beaches. Heard that “Porto Santo” is the only long quality beach available if you love to walk on the beach sands.

3. Malta (Republic of Malta)
Though often perceived as a “touristic” destination, (crowds have drastically increased in the last few years, especially after the “Game of Thrones” series), still this beautiful Island has a lot to offer as a vacation spot, with 18+° C in the January and bright sun.

Thanks to its natural geography which makes Malta a perfect place for hikers and trekkers. Due to its strategic location in the center of Mediterranean Sea, it has always been a main naval base for many-many empires, hence there’s no shortage of history and monuments too. Some of my friends, pure foodies also love this place since they’re well catered. You can enjoy delicious fresh fishes and varieties of wines.

4. Crete (Greece)
Crete is the main and most inhabited island of Greece. It is literally the touristic hotspot in the summer, but you can visit in the winter too.Temperature around 15° C may be bit cold for the locals, but if you’re coming from colder/freezing country, this will be a heaven for you.  Infact, this temperature and natural landscape is so perfect for the visitors who like to bike, hike or any sports.

As a land of the Europe’s oldest civilization and cultural center of Roman Empire for centuries, this place has so much to offer to the history and archeology lovers. Elafonissi Beach, Balos Lagoon, Heraklion Archaeological Museum (Heraklion) are some of the top things to do in Crete.

5. Algarve (Portugal)
With clear blue skies, bright sunlight and golden beaches, Algarve is another fantastic destination to visit in winter. Though it’s not as warm as other locations, people say the temperature always stay above 15° C., but you’ll never need more than light jacket.

There are plenty of authentic villages where you can explore and enjoy delicious traditional foods. Always be ready to take shelter in a nearby cozy restaurant when it rains for a while, because that can happen frequently in the winter months here.

Hope we’ve tempted you enough for this Winter vacation already 😀. Let us know which places you have decided or suggest if you know a few more better, warmer places in Europe. Will you? 

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  1. Very good list!. As a whole Spain and Portugal are always the best choices.