Law of Attraction simplified - Book summary: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (with VIDEO)

June 18, 2018

Law of attraction summary | The secret book summary
Genre: Self-help, Motivational   I   Author: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Atria Books  I  First Published: 2006  I  Pages: 198p  I  ISBN: 978-1582701707
Law of attraction summary | The secret book summary

Almost every one of us might have heard about the book - “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne; but how many have ever read it fully and understand what the book tries to say😛?

The Secret is one of the best-sellers sold over 30 million prints and has been translated into 50+ different languages worldwide. Yet, some people call this book “religious”, but IT IS DEFINITELY NOT. As a person who believes in nature/science over religions, I perceive this book as a basic science. Here’s my summary; hope this will help you to understand the secret much better!

The whole book is based on a pseudo-scientific theory called the “Law of Attraction (LoA)”. Don’t get jerked by the terms “pseudo-scientific” & “LoA”😏; it is as simple as that “all your thoughts turn into things eventually”. Thinking about happiness and wealth will attract these very things into your life. Likewise, worrying over a bad scenario will only make your worries to come true!. Here's law of attraction summary :

Chapter 1: The Secret Revealed

Rhonda Byrne starts by explaining the “Law of Attraction”.

The human mind is like a powerful magnet, which continuously sends to and receives signals from the Universe. Each of the signal goes out of your mind, gathers a lot of similar signals and comes back more powerful to you. So, to receive something great, your thoughts going-out should be good as well.

This is not complicated; it’s same as watching TV. You receive a channel that the TV is programmed to send you. If you want to see something different, you have to change the channel frequency (thoughts) you send-out.

Byrne says that “your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts.” If you’re doing well today, you’ve been thinking positively in the past. If you suffer, it’s because you’ve been succumbed with negative thoughts earlier.

Watch the “Law of Attraction” simplified below, in just under a minute👇

Chapter 2: The Secret Made Simple

We all know that the law of attraction works. Every person, every country/culture would have dozens of stories asking you to think positive. But the problem is : many of don’t even realize that we’re thinking negatively.

In this Chapter, the author tenders a tip to validate whether your thoughts are negative. She says, that you’ll have problems on your stomach or chest when you’re confined with negative thoughts. It is the Universe’s way of saying: “💫Warning! Warning! Negative frequency recording. Change frequency. Change your thinking now. Warning! Warning!😜” 

Byrne also suggests “Secret Shifters” - little activities that can change/enlighten your thoughts into positive side. They’re often simple things like listening to your favourite music or thinking about a loved one.

Chapter 3: How to Use the Secret

Now you know what is LOA and why it is important. But still not sure, how to work on it. Right? In this chapter, Byrne suggests a 3-step mechanism called “ask, believe, receive.” – to practice and benefit from the LOA.

Step #1: Ask
We must “clearly “ask what we want. When the “request signal” is not clear, you don’t get the correct “response”; your receiver gets confused with requests at different frequencies, and sends you back only a “mixed signal” result! (Being an electronics/communication engineer helps a lot to explain the LOA 😇).

Step #2: Believe
After asking, we should believe that we’re going to get want we want for sure. Getting anxious or worrying about the result will make only negative frequencies.

Step #3: Receive
If you wish for a new job, you’d be already thinking about how you’ll go to your new office and even, how you’ll organize your work desk. If you wish for a car, you’d be already thinking where will be parking it and even be preparing music playlist for the car already. These positive thoughts will amplify the energy of your wishes to come true.

Law of attraction summary | The secret book summary
In the same chapter, author slightly touches the “quantum mechanics” principle to explain the fact that “the time (of our wishes getting materialized) is always relative”. Some wishes come true faster, but some take really a long time. It’s because of a simple reason: we think, it’s easy to earn $100; but believe it’s too tough and might take a long time to make $1 Million😐.

Chapter 4: Powerful Processes

The “ask, believe, receive” sounds simple, but it’s hard to implement in daily life. Byrne suggests “visualization” technique to enable the process. She proposes a “pinboard” on your living room where you can pin the images of your dream and keep asking, believing and receiving.

Byrne points out that, the Wright Brothers first visualized an image of a flying aircraft, that’s what made them bring it in reality. This visualization technique often makes you forget on “how”, but to focus on “what” (the content). This helps you to overcome the worries of all the “how difficult it is going to be”, “how long it's going to be”, “how can I”…etc.

Law of attraction summary | The secret book summary

Well, that brings to the end of the 4th chapter. And the book doesn't advocate to just sit and dream positive; you must act towards them too :). I'd love to write further, but I know the post is already too long – with a lot of information to digest. So, let me stop here and continue the summary of further Chapters (below) in my next post.

Chapter 5: The Secret to Money
Chapter 6: The Secret to Relationships
Chapter 7: The Secret to Health
Chapter 8: The Secret to the World
Chapter 9: The Secret to You

Hope you liked the summary so far, keep following for the remaining chapters!

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    1. Thank you Veronica. Yes, sure I'll write about the remanining chapters soon.

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