Top 5 reasons why Mullerthal, Luxembourg is the best hiking destination of Benelux

May 30, 2019

There’s definitely no shortage of hiking trails in the Netherlands. Trails around Hoge Veluwe, Arkemheen-Eemland or South Limburg offer awesome backdrops. However, hiking at Mullerthal region - often referred as “The Luxembourg’s little Switzerland” is altogether a different level of experience.

Here’s a 20 sec sneak-peak of Mullerthal trails and the top -5 reasons why it is the best hiking destination, not just in the Luxembourg, but in the whole of BeNeLux:

1. Varied & Spectacular landscape

Steephead valleys, rocky mountains, astonishing cliffs amidst thick woodlands, lush green meadows alongside the most spectacular waterfalls and Castles.., undoubtedly Mullerthal’s varied landscape is the prime reason to go hiking (at least for me, a person who’s bored of extreme flat landscape of the Netherlands😝).

Mullerthal’s prime trail stretches over 112 km, made up of three major routes. Route 1 passes through all the typical Luxembourgian landscape elements such as rocks, forests, and meadows. Route 3 features a lot of cliffs, small valleys and some most romantic castles.

Route 2, in particular the stretch between Berdorf and Mullerthal is the most popular as it passes through many spectacular rock formations, silt marshes, old caves, and crevices to outstanding viewpoints at dizzying heights!.

Mullerthal trial hiking map

2. Exceptional options for your base location

The entire Mullerthal region is surrounded by most beautiful villages, historical towns, and ancient castles – that can offer perfect accommodation – start from a student hostel, Airbnb to luxury boutique hotels.

As I have not stayed in the region, I can’t recommend any particular hotel or camping site; but there seem to be an abundance of quality accommodations and camp sites at Echternach – one of the most beautiful and the oldest town of Luxembourg ; and at Berdorf – another spectacular, much quitter village.

3. Incredible Culinary

The locals often say: 'Luxembourgian cuisine is a combination of fine French “quality” and German “quantity”😉'; and that is so true!, and there's no lack of restaurants serving good food. Every restaurant/ outlets we tried were so great in taste and in volume too.
Keep an eye open for the street-foods on the way. As mentioned their kitchen have a lot of influence from both German, French, but also some extent to the Belgians. Different Wursts (German sausages), French fries, barbecues, baguette, delicious waffles, and chocolates …. the variety is amazing!.

Vineyard, Mullerthal, Luxembourg

There are also quite a good number of Vineyards along the way, making some of the finest wines. Liqueur of the castle Beaufort is very popular, which offers delicious favours such as Cassero (liqueur made out of blackcurrents), Cassero-Kirsch (Cherry brandy), Framboise des Bois (liqueur of woodraspberries).

4. Options to hike with Children

Mullerthal trail is not only for the experts, but families with kids can also get an impression of fine hiking. Neither me, my wife nor our 8 years old kid had no good experience with hiking before, yet the trail was thoroughly enjoyable. The routes are clearly marked and some portions had guiding rails too.

We started at Schiessentümpel/ Schéissendëmpel - a small picturesque waterfall on the Black Ernz river. With a beautiful stone arc bridge and streams, Schiessentümpel as such is a lovely place to picnic for some time and for some cool pictures!.

5. Sightseeing options around

In addition to hiking, Mullerthal also offers many interesting places to see and things to do around. Echternach - Luxembourg’s oldest city is hard to be missed (Abbey, Scriptorium and Romanesque Basilica are a few places of interest). Kayaking on the River Sûre, visit to Beaufort Castle are a minutes’ drive away from Mullerthal.

#VISITLUXUMBOURG: This link of - the official website of Luxembourg tourism provides all the information you may need for your hiking at Mullerthal. It’s quite handy to plan your trip.

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 Hiking at Mullerthal trial, Luxembourg

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