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July 11, 2019

The Netherlands is known for the massive use of bikes (bicycles). Bikes are even seen as one of those "typical Dutch" things!. So, not only the locals, but also the tourists too try their hands on bikes when they’re in Amsterdam or in any part of the Netherlands. However, when you’re in the Netherlands, it's important that you're aware of the local rules & traffic regulations related to biking. 

Traffic rules in the Netherlands are bikes-friendly!. In case of an accident between a car and bike, without questioning the car is deemed liable!. The car’s insurance company is liable to pay at least 50% of the loss to the bike or to bike rider, even if the car driver proves that the accident was the biker’s fault! 

However, this doesn’t give you the freedom to fly with your bike😄. There are also some hard rules for the bike riders; and when you don’t comply, heavy fines are imposed!.

Especially, from 1 July 2019 you may not hold any electronic devices (such as mobile phones, navigation systems, tablets or music players) while biking. The fine for using a smartphone while cycling is 95 euros!!!.But can you use hands-free? Or allowed to listen to music with headphone?What are the other faults that can get a huge fine? This post may guide you to understand the basic biking rules in the Netherlands. 

Hands-free use and listening to music is allowed 

You can listen to music, make phone calls and use your phone or other electronic device hands-free while cycling. For example, through headphones where you use the buttons on the cord to answer a phone call. You must ensure that you still hear the ambient noise. You can do this by using just one earplug or turning down the volume. You may also use voice control. 

Phone / GPS navigation on holder is allowed 

You may use your phone or other mobile electronic device while cycling if it is in a holder. For example if your navigation system asks you to accept an alternative route or for any reasons if you have to touch the screen., then you must stop your bike!. 

Of course, smart phones is not the only cause of growing accidents. There are so many other common violations, here is an overview of all the violations and the amount of fines, related to bikes.

Overview of all the bike violations and fines

Type of Violation Fine
Don't stop at the police stop sign € 150
Do not follow the instructions of the police / traffic controller € 150
Do not give priority to public transport passengers when getting off € 150
Do not give priority to the blind with a cane € 150
Do not give priority to pedestrian at pedestrian crossing € 150
Catching up/overtaking on Zebra cross € 150
Use highway or motorway € 150
Driving under the influence € 100
Steering handle is not working properly € 95
No priority at the stop sign € 95
No priority with shark teeth € 95
Cross over the solid line € 95
Cycling through red signal € 95
Do not give priority to tram € 95
Catch up / overtake on the right € 95
Block intersection € 95
Don't keep it right € 95
Holding mobile device on the bike € 95
Do not cooperate in alcohol control € 95
Broken lighting € 55
Trappers not tight € 55
Broken brakes € 55
Poor condition of the frame € 55
Turning where prohibited € 55
Drive in the opposite direction € 55
Drive on the bus lane € 55
Do not give priority to the bus at the stop € 55
Ignore mandatory cycle path € 55
No reflection on your trappers € 35
No reflection on your wheels € 35
Broken red reflector € 35
Broken bicycle bell € 35
Running in where prohibited € 35
Ignore mandatory driving direction € 35
Bicycle parking where prohibited € 35
Don't stop for stop line € 35
*Source: Boetebase (The public prosecution website)

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