Things You Should Know Before Travelling To Vietnam

September 20, 2019

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Vietnam is a beautiful country that is still unspoiled, and not surprisingly, this Asian jewel is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The Vietnamese people have a truly unique culture and are very hospitable and friendly, and if you are planning a visit soon, here is some essential information to help you prepare for what will surely be the holiday of a lifetime.

The Climate

Vietnam has three weather systems that vary greatly from north to south. Vietnam is a long and narrow country, so the climate in the north, central and southern regions do differ somewhat, with the south enjoying a tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round.

Generally speaking, the best time of the year to plan your holiday is from December to February, which are the driest months. If you book with Exotic Voyages luxury vacations in Vietnam and private tours, you are guaranteed to experience the best way to enjoy your holiday. They specialize in tailored tours that include an English-speaking guide.


The official currency in Vietnam is the Dong, while most places also accept the US dollar, and ATMs are common in tourist areas and they dispense local currency. Tipping is not common in Vietnam, and it can be difficult changing large denomination bank notes, so try to keep some small bills. You will pay through the nose if you use credit cards in Vietnam, so it is better to draw cash from an ATM. 

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Vietnam uses 220-volt electricity, and the majority of hotels in the south use the twin flat-pronged plugs, while hotels in the north use the European three-pronged sockets. You are advised to purchase a universal adapter that will allow you to use the power sockets wherever you happen to be. Power outages are common in Vietnam, especially in the countryside.


Most countries must obtain a visa before arrival in Vietnam, which is something your tour operator can assist you with. Visa on arrival facilities are available at airports, but not at land border points, so please bear this in mind. You can find informative websites tackling on obtaining a visa for travelling to Vietnam, which might prove to be very useful.

Getting Around in Vietnam

This can be problematic, which is another reason to plan your holiday with an experienced tour operator, who would arrange all transportation on your behalf. Planning your holiday with a luxury tour operator really does allow you to tailor the holiday to perfectly suit your needs, and with a local guide who speaks English fluently, you will never have any communication issues.


If you plan your holiday carefully, you can enjoy some time in the cool north, then head to one of the premier beach resorts and finally, spend some time in the south. A Google search will help you source an established tour operator and they can help you plan the perfect holiday.

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It is a good idea to do some online research into Vietnam, which will help you to decide where to spend your time, and with the help of the tour operator, everything will be planned in advance.

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