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October 24, 2019

Travel Tips for mountain hiking | mountain trails

Traveling to the mountains is quite trendy these days. Especially youngsters, they love to do trekking or climbing mountains. After all, this is the best way to enjoy or spend some quality time with family and friends. 

On the other hand, mountains have a kind of peace that no other place has. In my experience, mountain traveling makes one forget everything and feel like out of the world. In this extremely crowded world, thankfully mountains have still retained their beauty and thus they have their unique importance which makes them a must-visit place. 

But sometimes when we climb to mountains, we used to forget too many obvious things and guidelines and the result of this you find yourself in a tricky situation. And thus it important to have a post which describes all the things one should keep in mind while traveling to the mountains. So, check out the complete list below describing each and everything in detail:

1. A Pair of Good Shoes

As we are talking about traveling to the mountains, it becomes very important to wear comfortable shoes as there is too much walking involved. No matter how many clothes you carry, with the wrong shoes, you will not be able to enjoy your journey. This is my message to all the girls, if you want to travel to mountains, please leave your heels, platforms at home. Carry a good pair of shoes or boots to make your trekking comfortable. Yes, you can carry an extra pair of ship-proof slippers which you can wear all the time and they won't cause you any pain.

2. Dry Fruits and Snacks

 Traveling to mountains need energy. But finding shops in the mountains is quite a difficult task. So, it's important to keep all kinds of food which is light to carry and full of essential nutrients to keep the energy levels up. Chocolates and energy bars are good to carry as they are full of energy and munching a few things every now and then will keep your energy level optimum. Food like trail mix, dry fruits or nuts, chocolates like snickers can be carried as well. They will consume less space in your bag and then you don’t have to worry much about food during your trip.

3. Swiss Knife

One of the best and multipurpose tools I have found to date. This tool is extremely beneficial and serves many things at once. This little piece of handy toolset has proven very handy in many situations and thus it is the best tool to carry while traveling to mountains. In a trekking tour like the kullu manali tour, this tool will help you out in many tricky situations. Not just for trekking but this tool is the best-proven tool for other trips as well. Keep this tool with yourself for sure.

4. Power Bank/ Charger

I know traveling to hills is so much fun and I am sure you all want to capture those beautiful views on your phones. But one thing that a lot of people forgot to carry is the Mobile charger or Power Bank. In the mountains, there is always this electricity problem and the phone networks are really poor which causes the battery to drain very fast. When you are trekking, it's not possible to come back to the hotel frequently. So the best thing in this situation is to always carry a power bank and charger. You need your phones for so may propose like to navigate maps and to check the weather. And with a power charger, you can freely use the phone without having to worry about its battery.

5. Skincare Creams

In the Mountains, the weather is very harsh. The cold and dry air plus the direct sun rays on such high altitude can lead to dryness and itchiness of the skin. So, it important to prepare the skin for all such climatic changes.  Carrying the right moisturizer and sunscreen is the best solution in this care. So don’t forget it.

6. Cash

Last and the most important thing to carry is Cash. Popular hill stations are crowded during seasons which are why the ATM is out of money most of the time. Well, a lack of money can cause you a lot of inconveniences and in my suggestion, always carry cash. I know that many places have digitalized, but there are may shopping vendors who don’t use cards or make online payments. Carrying cash is the only solutions to such situations so don’t forget it.

I really hope that all these things will prove best to you for you next mountain trip. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Author Bio : Minakshi Sharma
Minakshi is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their travel goals by sharing her travel experience and skills learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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