6 Best Beaches in Pattaya for a Perfect Getaway

May 28, 2020

The most happening city of the Southeast Asian continent, Pattaya is among the top destinations in the world which is famous for its never ending party life. But as we all know a coin has two sides, Pattaya also has a very contrasting other side to it. 

There is always a reputation which precedes Pattaya which always succeeds in masking the true beauty Pattaya beholds. Apart from visiting beaches, there are so many other temples and museums to visit in Pattya as well. To get a better idea, go through the article of more things to do in Pattaya as well. 

Pattaya is not only a prominent entertainment destination but also is a renowned place of natural beauty. The lush hills, serene blue oceans, therapeutic white sand, relaxing beach spas, Pattaya has it all. These are undeniably some of the best things to do in Pattaya for a relaxed vacation. 

Just pack some extra pair of clothes, sunglasses and put on some sunscreen lotion and you are all set for an incredible beach vacation! 

Pattaya is a place of innumerable beaches, some are extremely popular and a crowd puller, and some are secluded and peaceful. It is not possible to cover all the Pattaya beaches during your holiday. So, below are some of the best beaches in Pattaya one should not miss during their stay there. 

1. Pattaya Beach:

The most famous beach of the city, Pattaya Beach is not just happy waters and warm sand, it is one of the beaches with unlimited access to water sports activities, beach cafes, shopping shacks and many more. 

When researching about the best beaches in and around Pattaya, this beach is always on the top of most of the tour guides and websites and it is not difficult to figure out why as well. This 4 km crescent moon shaped beach is the epicentre of all beach activities. Everything from food, cocktails to street shopping are available on its shores.

➤ The most famous water sports activities in this beach are : • Banana Boat Ride • Parasailing  • Jet Skiing and many more.

2. Jomtien Beach:

Right behind Pattaya Beach is Jomtien beach, in popularity. What makes this beach so popular? Locally called Chom Thian, it is comparatively calmer than the Pattaya Beach. However, this 6km long beach is lined with peaceful palm trees and condominiums on one side and equally opposite buzzing street food shacks, shopping stalls and restaurants on the other side. They also have some spas and massage parlours.

Jomtien Beach_Thailand_must_see_2

It is one of the most idyllic beaches of Pattaya for family vacation as well. One can spend a whole day on this beach just looking at the life go by, without getting bored even for a second. Apart from the food and massage parlours, Jomtien Beach also offers some thrilling water sports activities.

➤ Some of the best activities on Jomtien beach are: • Kiteboarding  • Windsurfing  • Catamaran  • Waterscooter rides  • Parachute ride  • Jet Ski 

3. Bang Saray Beach:

The ultimate diver’s paradise. The most fascinating beach in Pattaya, attracts divers from all over the world. One among the secluded Pattaya beaches, Bang Saray is very famous for scuba diving. What makes this beach fascinating is that it hides the cargo of a sunken ship from World War 2 within its waves. Thus making it an attractive and mysterious diving spot for sports enthusiasts. 
One should be very careful while going deeper into the waters as this beach gets a lot of guest appearances by the Whale Sharks.

➤ Other activities facilitated there are: • Jet skiing • Parasailing • Kiteboarding to name a few.

4. Wong Amat Beach:

One of the neatly kept beaches, it is the best beach in Pattaya for families and couples.

It being less crowded adds to its charm. It is an ideal destination for a day's picnic with family and kids. The quiet and peaceful beach is a break from the ever bustling city of Pattaya. This beach also has a few bars and restaurants along its shores where you can refresh yourselves.

Pack your kid’s beach toys and some picnic snacks and you are all set for a fun and peaceful family time at the beach!

5. Bang Saen Beach:

A 2.5km of pure blissful joy surrounded by palm trees is what you can experience at the Bang Saen beach. One of the best beaches of Pattaya for romantics and families alike. A great beach to take a long leisurely stroll along the calm ocean. 

There is a beautiful park on the northern strip of this beach called the - Laem Thaen Cape which is the highlight of this beach. Visit this place during the Wan Lai festival that comes after Songkran to enjoy the beach in all its glory.

They do have a few water sports activities which people can enjoy as well. You can rent swim gears and go on a pleasure swim or hire some beach chairs and get sun-kissed. There is even an option to experience Kite surfing. Bang Saen is also known for its Shacks which serve mouth-watering Thai cuisines.

6. Dong Tan Beach:

A surprisingly quiet and neat beach present in between Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches is this 1.5km long piece of heaven. This Pattaya Beach stands out from other beaches because of its inclusive nature towards the LGBT community. This beach also caters to the Gay Community along with the others.

There are a whole range of activities on this beach like sailing, jet skiing, banana boat riding, etc. What's even unique is that there are many spas and massage parlors on the shore and you can find people offering to do pedicure on the spot where you are sitting on the beach itself.

Apart from the above there are many other Pattaya beaches one can go to like: • Tawaen Beach  • Bamboo Beach  • Naklua Beach and many more.

Final Thought:

Tourists worldwide are more familiar with the red areas of Pattaya than the green ones. Whenever we go on a vacation it is always good to see diverse places in that destination rather than concentrating on one particular area. 

If you are planning for a Pattaya trip, choose from a wide range of Pattaya tour packages with Dimaak! As much fun and entertainment you can have in Pattaya, it provides the same amount of peace and relaxation also. So, head straight to Pattaya to have a balanced vacation with your family and loved ones!

P.S: This article is published in a partnership/collaboration with Dimaak

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