Taking a Cycle Tour Of Australia? Keep It Eco-Friendly With These Simple Tips

July 09, 2020

Image Source: Unsplash

Taking a bicycle tour in Australia is one of the best ways to really take in all the beauty the continent has to offer. Not only is it a fantastic way to stay in shape, but also a great way to become fully immersed in your surroundings along the way. There is something purely magical about riding on the open road, taking in all of the sights and smells on your journey. It also happens to be one of the most eco-friendly methods of travel around. With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure you get the best trip while also leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint along the way.

Avoid Disposable Plastic Water Bottles

While you're out there riding your dreams, you are certainly going to work up a mean thirst. Make sure to have a couple of environmentally friendly, refillable water bottles with you for your trip and fill them with filtered water from a responsible source wherever possible. Disposableplastic water bottles are causing major issues in our oceans and it goes without saying that you don’t want to be part of the problem. Be the solution and prepare for your trip responsibly, you can even purchase containers from companies that are donating money to fix the problems that plastics are causing worldwide.

Smaller Groups = Less Impact

When you are choosing cycle bike tours Sydney companies offer, there are a number of options available for you. If you want to leave a smaller footprint, choose one that organises smaller, more intimate cycling tours. It will also be a lot more fun and give you a better chance to interact with your fellow tour mates along the way.

Eat Local

When you make your stops on tour, try to dine at local eateries that source all of their ingredients from within their direct area. One of the largest contributors to our environmental issues is most certainly in the shipping and transporting of goods that can easily be sourced locally. By doing this, you both support the local economy and help to reduce your carbon footprint… Oh yeah, and it's almost always guaranteed to be delicious and fresh.

Stay on the Path

As enticing as it may be to ride off into the unknown, you should stay on the existing paths when you are cycling. One reason is that you don’t want to destroy the natural diversity around you. There are many types of vegetation that take a long time to recover from any damage you may cause. So, stay on the path and enjoy the journey without causing any damage to the environment.

Plastic Bags Are The Enemy

Wherever possible, make sure that any goods you buy on your journey don't come with a plastic bag or plastic packaging. Bring along your own reusable bags and simply refuse to buy any products with excessive plastic packaging. You can almost always find a local grocery that offers produce without any packaging at all. Go for those stores and help keep your carbon footprint low as you enjoy your journey around this beautiful country.

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