7 Reasons: Why Solo Travel Is Important?

November 24, 2021


Are you used to your own company? If you do not know it yet, then it is high time you go on at least one solo trip. Trust me, you will get to discover so much about your own self and the people around you. When you leave your comfort zone behind, you also leave behind your inhibitions, your doubts, and your fears. Solo travel can work like a magic and rejuvenate you to the level, where you can conduct your back home responsibilities totally blissfully. 

We have some important reasons why you should definitely go on solo travel; check them out.

1. You Get to Discover that Meeting Strangers is Fun!

Travelling is not only about discovering & exploring unknown places but also about exploring people from different regions & cultural diversity. You can truly connect with new people when you travel alone. When you are alone, you can manage your travel time as per your own wish; it becomes easier to accommodate ad-hock plans with strangers when you travel alone. In short, strangers do not scare you anymore!

2. Wonderful Opportunity to Grow as a Person!

When you travel alone, you know you will have to take care of yourself; you will become much more alert and confident. Also, you will not shy away from putting yourself out there. Imagine sitting in a music bar (all by yourself) and mustering the courage to grab the mike & rock the karaoke night! You would not dare to do it if you were surrounded by people you already know. Also, if you enter any kind of trouble, you see you are handling it all by yourself (trust me, you will fall in love with the fearless person you become!). You learn to handle good & bad, all by yourself, and that really matters, even in life.

3. You Learn Crisis Management!

While traveling, random things happen; buses break down, unexpected bad weather happens, etc. Not everything works as per plan (even when you are traveling for fun), but eventually everything falls into place and makes sense. What you learn out of this randomness is that you have become a bit more creative with your problem-solving techniques. Suppose you oversleep and miss your bus to your next destination and you still have to reach your destination on time; what do you do? You will be amazed by the kind of solutions your mind comes up with, in such situations. Also, when you go back home, you have a list of amazing stories to share with your near and dear ones. When travelling solo you need to save as much money as possible for that you can booking your hotels using Booking.com also make sure you use the promo codes for the latest deals.

4. You Face Your Fears & Move Out of your Comfort Zone!

When you travel alone, at some level, you also get to know yourself better. You get clarity about your fears, your inclinations, your likes/dislikes, etc. But what you learn the most is to move out of your comfort zone! When you are with your friend/family, you build your comfort zone around them, but when you are alone away from your place, you step out into an unknown world. Moving out of your comfort zone is important for your growth.

5. Works as a Therapy When you Have a Cluttered Head!

Carrying emotional baggage, doubting yourself, and fearing everything around, is something that everyone goes through, in their life. But overcoming these tough situations is important, and solo travel at this point comes in really handy. You get time to talk to yourself, declutter your head, and move on/out of the mess that has gotten deposited inside your head. Sometimes, it is best to just book your flights &hotel, and go on solo travel; travel portals like Booking.com make booking hotel rooms totally effortless.

6. You Get to gain New Skills!

Learning the art of cooking (let us say in a French café) or taking up a wine tasting course becomes easier when you are traveling solo. Enrolling in these 1-2 days courses becomes difficult when you are traveling with a group (different people wanting to do different things!). While traveling alone, you can enroll yourself in any class, that too on an ad-hoc basis. Solo travel comes with a lot of freedom for sure.

7. You Get to Know Humanity is a Real Thing!

When you are out there, traveling alone, you turn towards strangers for small help. You ask them for directions; you depend upon them to look after your belongings (sometimes in cases of emergency), etc. You get to see that people, deep down, are still helpful & loving people. You get to know that the entire world has not gone bad, and humanity is not all lost.

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